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Mhmm... that's possible. We have already discussed it, albeit little at that. Still, we can't know what Hata has in store for us. And anyways, since the MF discussion is currently being taken over by some silly squabble between two members, I'll just paste what I posted over there, in hope that someone finds it even remotely interesting and replies. Lol...

For all we know that event might be just around the corner. Perhaps even next week. I'm beginning to think that some kind of extravagant event to unveil his true gender might not be really necessary. Wouldn't it be ok to just reveal it now? Or maybe, instead of her confronting him, or at the very least asking him about the similarity, she could follow him. That would be interesting.

Yet... sadly I doubt that she has that kind of time. Unless she's so early outside because of an event that got canceled or postponed? Maybe she even got a day off? An excuse would be easy to find in this situation. It could go in any way, really.

Let's see... the possibilities are...

1. Confront him directly about the resemblance right away.
a) Get a positive response, he's actually a guy.
b) Get a negative response, be mislead (he's a relative, "she's" cosplaying as a butler, he was hired by her, etc...)
c) He runs away.
d) He reacts extremely suspiciously and either manages to mislead her, or gets into a misunderstanding.
e) He's somehow saved by a classmate (Izumi, Hina, etc...)

2. Confront "her" the next time they meet up, or at a later date.

- Totally depends on the time, place, and situation. Some of the same possibilities that I mentioned in 1. could also apply, otherwise it entirely depends on what conclusions she came up with. She could even ask Hina, or someone living at the Violet Mansion about him. She might even just greet "her" normally, thinking that she's just crossdressing again. Maybe even commenting on the outfit, just before thanking her for the meal and going out to work.

3. Stalk him.

If she has the time, this could turn out to be quite the adventure. I believe that Hayate is still quite persecuted by bad luck. This might actually be the best option. She'd get to see a part or even his entire day, although perhaps not in full detail, since she obviously can't go inside the school, or too close to him. But she'd at least see just how much he works and how many people he helps. Random pedestrians in need could be added for this particular event. She'd really sympathize with him after seeing how optimistic he is regardless of all the bad things that keep happening to him along the way. Again, this would be such a chapter where a lot of bad things would happen to him.

I can't say that they do not already, as we don't know his every move. He might be attacked by crows or stray dogs every once in a while for all we know. Hata just saves time by not actually drawing the scenes, lol...

Anyways, upon revelation...

a) Forgive him
b) Don't forgive him
c) Fall in love
d) Somehow come to a crazy conclusion due to an even crazier misunderstanding
e) All of the above at the same time
f) Faint
g) Sing Caramelldansen (the speedy remix)


Any other ideas?

And then.. sharks eat them! Hahahahah!!
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