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I miss Haruhi
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I notice now you edited your post:

I said somewhere that you needed only the first and last episode of endless eight (for reasons you experienced) because ye, it isn't affordable for everyone.

The movie didn't have to make you tear up, but rather give you a tornado of emotions, from confusion, desperation, joy, surprise and joy again.
Spoiler for near the end:
I just thought you would have enjoyed it anyway.

Ok, here i go with a suggestion that only depends on what you like. The title i'm going to suggest now is Steins;Gate. If you liked Haruhi Suzumiya for the time travelling and general mindfucking, then you will most likely love this one. This title is seriously near to reality, it doesn't have stupid stuff like memes, or chibi faces all around or weird face expressions: it's a serious kind of animation and a serious title overall. It's about some just acquainted friends who manage to make a sort of time machine(a microwave with a telephone) that is able to send text messages to the past. Even tho we are thrown in such a dark atmosphere, the protagonist in there will make you laugh like it was a comedy show. It got a very deep and satisfying romance(just trust me). I cannot say any more of the plot, because to enjoy it to full you just have to know nothing. The show starts at a bit slow pace, but don't worry, because our protagonist is surely some particular individual, and will entertain you until the plot evolves.
Here the picture of the cast, so you get a clue of what kind of animation it is.
Spoiler for pics:

At the beginning i wasn't interested in this anime, since i thought it was some sci-fi freak show, focused on nerd things and with an emotionless cast, but i would judge my past self a fool if i ever skipped this title. The first episode was 120% enough to catch my attention. This anime will provide you a lot of emotions, just like the Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, but more intense and more satisfying. Ah, the characters's ages are all around 18, even tho the protagonist looks 20 or more. You might shed some tear here, since you are actually given a reason to.

If you are currently watching nothing, i suggest you watch the first episode of this anime. Ah ye, forgot to mention: the first episode might cause some confusion in you, but don't worry, don't worry. It's okay for you to not understand, at that time of the story, haha. If you are already on some series, just finish it off, because you have to be concentrated on this one to enjoy it 100%, and you won't regret it. This anime is just satisfying. (Oh ye, and for your information, this title is actually being voted amongst the best animes of 2011 and is topping many classifics)

Just all this textwall should be enough to convince even God to watch S;G, so well, watch the first episode(it will make you watch the 2nd just because this anime it's that way)
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