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Originally Posted by Om Nerabdator View Post
Clannad well destroy any mans eyes lol
It sure did.. 2nd season only though :P

Originally Posted by cerrian View Post
Gunbuster - the final episode is well known for making viewers misty eyed.
Will check it out. THanks

Originally Posted by LeaD36 View Post
if you are indeed a real man u watch slamdunk and cry
I remember watching it vaguely when I was a little boy. The things I'd give to go back to those days.

Originally Posted by LeaD36 View Post
on an offnote, the manga that really got to me (ye it's in manga format only) is actually Watashi no Messiah-sama (ye it's a shoujo)
Most reviews i found after reading it said that the storyline was incomprehensible at some points and illogical to boot, but for some reason, i just tearup everytime i think back about that certain arc
Will definitely check it out if I'm ever addicted to manga.

Originally Posted by Elegance View Post
Katanagatari is a must try. The development of the characters are well done. The talking is pretty heavy though the action is good as well.
I really did try to force myself to watch this, but I just can't get over them hollow eyes.


@Classified - Stein;Gate is one of my favorite anime for sure. Though I did drop it after watching 2 episodes when it first came out. I wasn't in the mood for serious anime at the time I guess.
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