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Great finale, although it was not perfect.

They badly handled Kariya's death scene. They made Sakura look like a heartless bitch rather than a confused and scared child. My other gripe is the absence of scene where Gil mindfucks the Grail. Hopefully, they'll add it in the BDs.

Moving Lancelot's dying speech to this episode is not a bad idea in retrospect. I'm glad the reasons for his madness were explained, even if it remains a bit muddy.

The scene where Kirei embraces his true nature was quite gripping. He has finally found the answer to his existential questions, however that answer was the worst possible. He realized he is exactly what he has been taught to loathe his whole life. He is actually quite a tragic character. A man who wished (and tried) to be good and yet can only revel in evil.

Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
The Grail itself is a bit of a DEM, but this is something I'm willing to overlook as long as its actions don't go much beyond "Surprise! You're not going to like the way I grant wishes." and the Command Spells bit you mentioned.

I also feel that character resurrection is a horribly overused trope (arguably cliche) in fiction in general, and so I generally don't like seeing it, period. There are exceptions, but this isn't one of them, as it's not like Kirei had to die in order for the plot to work. Kiritsugu could have just knocked him out, or tranquilized him, last episode.
On the contrary, Kirei had to die in order the plot to work and tie in with F/SN. Don't forget Fate/Zero is a prequel. It was already asserted in Fate/Stay Night that Kirei had been killed and had been resurrected by the Grail. This is not something that could have been changed in a prequel. The writer was restrained by the pre-existing work.
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