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Originally Posted by konart View Post
Not sure if troll or...

My objective criticism was like 2 or 3 pages ago. You, however, decided not to pay attention to it and stick to your "I'm from the parallel univerce, duh" motto. So be it.
You mean this?

Originally Posted by konart View Post
You can laugh as much as you want, but that's a simple fact. The show was bad.

It had good background - never used.
It had no solid idea behind.
Almost no existent plot(that was completely destroyed in the end).
It had raised dozens of questions - 90% of the left unanswered.
Most of the events just were not connected - it looked like every other episode was made by completely different group of people, without even watching the previous ones or reading the script.
Script? Was there a script to begin with? Not only events were not connected - there were no logical explanation to most of them. So all in all this was one big pile of shit that just happened
I didn't really think there any need to address this because really...there's nothing to address.

If I suddenly said the exact opposite of what you just said there...would that suddenly make it true?

No, it would just be my opinion. If I were ever to believe it anything more than that, then I'd be committing an Argument from Ignorance.

Originally Posted by Kazu-kun View Post
It's not math but it's not exactly subjective either. There are certain methods, structures, conventions and the like, to writing fiction. When your story fails on that department, well that's bad writing.
Yes, but ultimately your judgement is not objective. You can be wrong.

If I call something bad writing, I don't immediately go round saying it's objectively bad. What I'm saying is that I think it's bad writing.
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