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Originally Posted by Daniel Lind View Post
E7 had much contemporary subtext in it and was based largely on military conflicts that came after WW2. It just didn't feel the need sacrifice the clarity of story and character for nebulous "political statements". Actually, what political statements even were there in AO? Nothing meant anything outside of some odd separatism propaganda. "Subverting conventional developments" on practice results in sheer lack or dissolvement of dramatic tension, complete irrelevancy of multiple events and repeated anti-climax, something that can be enjoyed on an "intellectual level" I guess, if you're a bloody masochist that wants to waste his time with story that means nothing, tells nothing and results in nothing for the sake of avantgarde political statement.
There was some contemporary subtext but ultimately the general tone was one of past conflicts rather than the present. Eureka Seven didn't sacrifice character and clarity for political statements because it's focus was generally more on the character drama, whilst Eureka Seven Ao leaned towards it's political perspective. The political points generally included highliting the way PR and corporations can have a bad effect, how the younger generation is being screwed over by the old and how co-existence applies in the contemporary world and what kind of sacrifices we're willing to make to achieve the ends.

Like I said before, the lack of dramatic tension was pretty much intended, since it's supposed to go for a more down to earth anti climactic feeling.

Originally Posted by Kazu-kun View Post
We relativism now? Please spare me.

Most people on this thread have expressed a negative assessment on the series. You just seem like someone who can't take criticism to me...

And yeah, the last part was an opinion.
And I don't have a problem with most people on this thread. But if someone insists to me that their opinion the one and only objective truth and consequently mocking anyone who legitimately likes the show, reasons or not, then I'm obviously not going to agree.

Originally Posted by Reckoner View Post
Indeed, someone's judgement can be wrong. This whole discussion about objectivity is pointless.

Establishing some agreed upon criteria for evaluation a piece of fiction is what humans do. If you disagree with such a criteria, well nothing can be said there. However for a lot of people such a criteria is enough to point to a series as just bad.

For example, if there is a glaring plot hole, that is something people will point to as strong evidence of shoddy writing. This backs up their opinion with substance and gives a convincing reason to believe them.

You've certainly done better than most in trying to explain the better qualities of Eureka 7 Ao Haak, but still you haven't been terribly convincing in debunking many of the points people Konart laid out about the series. Simply saying you disagree and that all our assessments are subjective means little to nothing.
That's because I'm not trying to debunk anyone's opinion and never was...

But actually, if a lot of people just say something is a plot hole or that a plot hole is a significant factor, that doesn't automatically give such an opinion more credibility. It just means more people believe that.
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