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Originally Posted by Daniel Lind View Post
This doesn't work in a show about surfing robots, dammit! It's for newspapers.

None of which mattered because at the end most of the plot was driven by a fantastic mcguffin, NOT PR and the supposed "older" generation was barely active and in conflict with the young one outside of a few selected scenes.
All of these themes were half-assed.
I think the PR generally had it's effect on the plot line and we could see it in the final episodes too, but I heavily disagree that the younger generation theme didn't matter in the end. It was very strong in the whole Renton-Ao fight.

You may think they are half assed, but in a way that mood is something that I think captures reality also. You can't generalise the events of major things as a result of one or two major factors. It's generally a combination of loads and loads of factors and variables that produces political effects.

Originally Posted by Reckoner View Post
Excuse me for not knowing what you were arguing about then.

Sure people spouting stuff about absolute truths or objectivity is without weight, but the main point was that you came into the thread and expressed that you enjoyed the show. Some people are obviously confused how you could for the reasons they laid out. Maybe they certainly could've been more respectful in approaching the discussion, but you also have to acknowledge that this is a forum thread for discussion, so your opinions will naturally be challenged by others.
And I respect that which is exactly why I'm being reasonable to a few posters on here who are actually trying to have a legitimate discussion with me. It's just the maths guy and the neg repper that I mostly have a problem with.
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