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Originally Posted by leukrota View Post
She's not eating a simple candy, or any cook would do.

I think she is eating a candy made with Cendrillon's left overs that resembles LO's brain but it's not an exact replica... Or something like that.

It still has to be something close enough to fool Kreutune's "function"...

Well, maybe it still doesn't make enough sense, let's wait and see for now.

I'm only guessing here, but this was taken from NT5

As Fraulein Kreutune learns from the environment and changes her properties based on that, it is likely she can eat a human’s brain and reproduce the brain’s structure within herself to acquire its properties.
So I'm guessing that by eating that brain substitute, she would change the properties of her body and quite possibly rewrite that desire to attain the vast amounts of information.


Originally Posted by Kenju of the Right View Post
Woah So that's how it is!!!
At first I though the whole thing with Cendrillion's body in the previous volume was just silly but it actually turned out to be something this big!!
As said before, Kamachi is quite the master of the chekhov's gun.

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