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AE Karaoke

NEW - AFX KRK Automater/Templater.

Downloads and Instructions:


Here or

#gwi-afx @

Talk to pichu.

  • In-Composition Coding for the generator: you do not need to do anything outside of the Project.
  • The .ass timings are first converted into JSON, and have the data stored in the project. This way, no external files will be necessary.
  • Keyframes renormalizations: you will be able to design the Karaoke visually.
  • Property Based animations: It can be excluded from text animators. Only requirement is that you do ON/OFF or BEFORE/ON/AFTER Syllable effects (see a section of how-to). And this works the best if you do syllable per layer automater. Without lead-ins or lead-outs transitions, it is possible to apply this as line per layer effects. Cool, no? (which is under my original proposal)
  • Syllable per Layer Capability
  • No-presets, nothing: the outcome depends how good you can design a karaoke!
  • Easy-to-script, and minimal coding
  • Syllable and line positioning with expressions
  • Two Karaoke styles (Romaji\nKanji) in one layer is workable: .l( "romaji" , {2:"kanji"} )
  • Word effect with "Spacing" controls. Note, it adds an empty space to every syllable and you can adjust it to make them as close as possible with a slider control from main template layer to all of the layers.
  • Run once, and done! You do not need to do anything after processing. You can, however, but those work needs to be separate out. (i.e. store into another Composition or precompose)


You can copy and paste the JSON into the source text or source text's expression. Since the expression has a limit to how much stuff you can fit in, you might want to paste to the source text. If you do not have a lot of memory (say under 1GB), then you might want to HIDE that text layer, double click the text layer, and hit CTRL-V to paste it there. Always, make sure your expression is set to not evaluated (= is checked off)

Finally, Enjoy the script.


I wonder how many people would like to make AE karaoke instead of the traditional SSA karaoke. I have seen a couple of SSA importers, but they're quite lacking. The reason is that they all use text Animators. Text Animation is great for speed and quick effects (like simple glows and blurs and combinations of path and styles), but when comes to advanced and complex effects, you can't do much with it. (like perspective, particles/explosions, flares, lights, etc)

Here's my proposition, I'm willing to rewrite my scripts to the public with full documentation, so that it's easy to use and you can do all sort of advanced effects with it. All I need from you are suggestions. And you probably need some basic knowledge of javascript to use it unless I've decided to create a separate GUI application for that. All you need is Adobe After Effects 7.0 Pro and a powerful system that can handle hundreds of AE layers. (the non-pro version doesn't support scripting)

And, I'd like to see some of the impressive karaokes, which is why I've decided to publicize this.

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