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Originally Posted by Quarkboy View Post
The tool doesn't make bad karaoke. The karaokeer makes bad karaoke.
This pretty much sums it up. It's always nice to have more options, more tools to choose from. I can easily compare the number of bad complex karaoke to the number of bad simple karaoke I've seen, simply because the most important thing when making karaoke isn't the use of effects, but styling choices. Granted, a karaoke'r can screw up good styling with a totally inappropriate effect, especially if he/she isn't the stylist, but even the people that like to keep things simple (even with simple \k effects, or no effects) can take styling choices too lightly, or they don't have a big enough font library to choose from, or they just don't have the touch when it comes to setting font sizes and colours. What I'm trying to say is that effects choices should compliment styling choices, first and foremost. Tools don't matter as long as the karaoke'r does his magic in the right state of mind.
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