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I have seen a couple of SSA importers, but they're quite lacking. The reason is that they all use text Animators. Text Animation is great for speed and quick effects (like simple glows and blurs and combinations of path and styles), but when comes to advanced and complex effects, you can't do much with it. (like perspective, particles/explosions, flares, lights, etc)
mmm... I think that you lack knowledge of after effects as well... like most fansubbers...

But... as for "perspective"... it has been added in after effects CS3 in the text animation, we just have to wait in july.
And I don't understand why we wouldn't be able to do particles, flares, lights and all with what we already have. (I've already done that...)

I think you're just trying to reinvent the wheel with a weird script... What would one do with 100 layers of text... it's not really useful, one would have to make expressions everywhere... Remember that after effects isn't a coder application, it has been designed for computer graphists

Anyway, if you think you can do something better than the text animator...

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