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There are still things that the games can't do or they will be under fire. Such as Touma picking any of the girls over the other, that wont happen no matter how much shippers want their pairing to be validated in at least one area even if its non-canon. At most they'll just do what they always do and put in hints/misunderstandings when Touma is involved.

Since Mikoto is canonically in love with Touma they can get away with her chasing him around and being the Tsundere that she is for him. Touma not so much since even if he has shown more attention/favor to one girl over another they still wont risk sinking the other ships in favor of one when the series, LN/Manga/Anime/Movie, is still ongoing and the shipping is still very profitable. Remember that shippers are pretty crazy about this stuff, they would quickly site this as evidence that their ship is the best, even if it's non-canon, and the others are doomed for failure. It would also cause bitterness if the games support a shipping that never goes canon at the end.

To keep the calm they would be wise to not outright say anything involving the shipping other than what's canon already from the other sources.
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