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Originally Posted by Dengar View Post
It seems to me most of those things are done by people, not the system. The system just evaluates a person. It's society that says "We're not going to hire you if you don't have an A rank." or "Your Crime Coefficient is too high so you won't be able to have a job anywhere ever." The system doesn't say this.
And for some reason, the system manages to dictate that a not grown up person is at risk of being a criminal (not factoring upbringing and whatnot). The system was done by humans to begin with, and they set the said value as not desirable. Which means: the system is flawed to begin with, since it actually put a category on the individual, which leads to the decisions we have seen.

It is basically the same as any scale system that give a numerical value to a given phenomenom and whatnot: you have a specific number of set value set already in the program leading to the reading expected and the definition of the said result. For example, Richter scale attribute a certain value to quantify the energy due to an earthquake, with the given number leading to a direct appreciation of what you can expect from the said earthquake, despite an earthquake of a specific magnitude might not lead to the textbook damage described there.
Actions done by people are merely the aftermath of it (removing the said worker from a specific ward, preventing some people to access to pure hue restricted jobs etc), but the system itself is what dictacte what an individual is, based on mere parameters. And if the parameters and definitions, as well as the conditions and extent they can be used, are wrong, the system is the flaw of it.

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