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I disagree with you all.
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Other notables: So it seems that in order to create a "lawless" spot, you merely have to block out Sibyl radio waves. And somehow the thought of having places "without net uplink", creating places of isolation and ignorance, where violent abuse isn't merely turned a blind eye on but openly accepted, is chilling me to the bones. Utopia THAT ain't.
Not quite lawless. There was still the hue checkers. The problem, in this particular case, is that the bullied was able to kill before his hue got too bad, and paradoxically prolong his tenure as a target by using murder as his own stress relief.

But even without that, I wonder why the managers wasn't caught in some kind of liability law. I have no doubt the CCs of everyone involved in the bullying (on either side) increased, maybe permanently. A regular Sybil check should have detected it. (And if there aren't any, why would there be a queue the Dominators need to jump?) So why isn't he treated like a boss who poisons his employees and dumps toxic waste on the rest of society?

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Meanwhile, I don't think we're meant to like Ginoza. I think he's meant to come across as something of an uncaring control freak. And guess who's the primary defender of the Sibyl System in our main cast?
I don't find him entirely unsympathetic. He's been hurt, but he still tries to do his job the best he can, and to give Akane a fair shake as a colleague.

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I wouldn't say pigeonholed, as Akane was given the option to choose between multiple careers and she decided to go with being an Inspector. It's also very likely she could have gone somewhere where her score was entirely low, but at the same time said jobs might not have interested her to begin with in the first place.
But she's a rarity. Then again, I've often lamented the lack of orientation for kids, so maybe the system isn't so bad on that front.

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What I think we’re seeing here is Gen espousing theories on several fronts, one of which is the matter of what makes a detective. I think his case – which I agree with – is that you can’t be a good detective if you don’t have a healthy dose of latent criminal intent buried inside you. That a detective needs to understand the criminal mind in order to defeat it is hardly a new idea (that’s a trend so far in P-P) but the Sybil scenario is a clever way of illustrating it.

What Sybil has produced (seemingly) is a generation of law enforcement that’s incapable of enforcing the law because they’re unable to think outside the narrow boxes Sybil has assigned them to. That the enforcers can do so is hardly surprising given their backgrounds, but the detectives like Ginoza need to maintain the façade that they’re the ones pulling the strings, when in fact they’re simply the ones holding the leash. In the case of Akane perhaps she’s the rare exception, because her Sybil scores didn’t pigeon-hole her into being a detective – in fact, they said she was basically suited to anything she wanted to do. Or perhaps suited to nothing – which in Sybil’s eyes makes her a bad detective, but in practical terms possibly a very good one. Time will tell.
She's suited for everything according to Sybil - she's got all As, not all Cs. That means Sybil also thinks she'll make a good inspector.

I don't think she's very good yet, but she's just starting.

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Hell, at this point, I'm not even sure if the Sibyl System is causing less crime on the whole. In a world without a Sibyl System, would the murderer of this episode ever have become a murderer? It was clearly the institutionally-affirmed bullying that caused him to snap and want to kill people.
Maybe? It's not like bullying doesn't exist IRL.
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