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To me PP world seems to have stretched to its limits some standards of our world, like the educational system that should, along your early years, orient you toward what fits you better, simply an indication. Or the criminal justice/crime prevention that should "prevent", reduce or keep under control crimes, but we know how hard it could be depending on many factors. Nothing more than this has been altered/stretched in the PP world, apparently.
What if we would find a way to establish with a very little margin of error what's the more fitting work for each of us? Wouldn't the business companies take advantage of it? What if we would find a way to establish a way to really prevent crimes, even if with an "acceptably" margin of error? Wouldn't the crowd be charmed by this? Yes.
What I find interesting is that PP world is not just-another-dystopian-world, I mean, it seems to be not a consequence of some big war or catastrophe, but "just" of the evolution. Nothing seems to have been really imposed. The aspects described seems to be a sort natural evolution of that undetermined factors becoming determined. how would humanity adapt to it? Apparently loosing its humanity. And it doesn't seems to matter if you are at the top of the hierarchy or at the bottom of it. For these reasons I find this world a bit more creepy than a totalitarian world or whatever where laws are imposed. In this world are not, they seems to be accepted. And for the same reason I'm less judgmental than I would be toward the characters and their behaviors.
What I'm trying to say it's that I find this show intriguing

The meaning of things lies not in the things themselves, but in our attitude towards them.
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