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And welcome back. Our Hiro Kunikeda is at Kiyosumi High School where there are scenes of applause and cautious celebration. Hiro, what's going on over there?

Hiro: Well, they were actually expecting this result, so believe it or not, no one here is surprised by this performance of Hisa Takei. They knew that Shana was small potatoes and that she was as overrated a Saimoe participant as they come, so they expected this result, confirming her as the most overrated moekko in history. Hisa right now is already speaking with her constituents and Nodoka is also with her. Actually, the entire mahjong club from Kiyosumi is rallying around Hisa and Nodoka. They feel they have a good chance to make this an all-Kiyosumi Saimoe final, but the voters have to do the work. That's the scene here at a not rowdy, but nonetheless upbeat Kiyosumi High School. Back to you, Hachi.

And there you have it. So, it's going to be Toki Onjouji vs. Nodoka Haramura in the first semifinal, while Kuro Matsumi takes on Hisa Takei in the second semifinal. The rankings for fifth through eighth are as follows.

5th Place: Shana
6th Place: Louise Francoise Le Blanc De La Valliere
T-7th Place: Saki Miyanaga and Yuu Matsumi

We have a tie for seventh place because Saki Miyanaga and Yuu Matsumi earned the same amount of losing votes. That does it for now here at the 2channel World headquarters in Tokyo. We'll be back here at approximately midnight tomorrow to preview the first semifinal between Toki and Nodoka which is our Match of the Round. Then, at 1:00 a.m., the Final before the Final takes place. Be sure to cast your vote at Goodnight and good morning for now. This is the 2012 Anime Saimoe Tournament on 2channel World.
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