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Originally Posted by arekwibowo View Post
In my opinion, Be it anime/manga/LN/whatever form of shows, they must always had ideal length, and my main concern here is that those story writers apparently don't know when to stop and keep dragging their works for who knows when.
Well, you don't have to get too concerned about these manga when there are tons of good manga that end at 5 volumes or whatever length is most appropriate for them. It's mostly the hyped up manga that run for a really long time.

Originally Posted by arekwibowo View Post
If we're talking about money, i understand that they also have their own livelihood to fulfill and it's not an easy thing to risk it. It's both hard for the authors and the hardcore fans. Still, can they be more creative instead by ending one series and creating another series to replace it? Take To-Love-Ru for example. This manga ended very abruptly yet got another sequel with (quite) better quality which further proven the creativity from its author.
I haven't read To Love-Ru, but I spoiled myself on the "ending" because I really can't give a damn about that manga. It was basically a non-ending that stuck to the status quo and didn't close off anything, and To Love-Ru Darkness, the sequel, is merely continuing the story as if it never ended to begin with.

Originally Posted by Rahan View Post
Naruto is (finally) ending.
That's what I heard two years ago.

Originally Posted by arekwibowo View Post
That's why i want to celebrate for those series that dared to end.
Amen to that.
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