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I guess there must be also some lack of confindence from the authors' part. It basically means that they think that should they end their current series they'd never be able to create something as much popular.

It's not surprising that usually it's extremely popular series that keeps going for so long.
They are also obviously pressured by the editors and the publishers, they definitely don't want their goose to stop laying golden eggs. But they should also understand that the end is inevitable sooner or later, and it's better to end it when the fans still like the work, and not when they are so disappointed, bitter and bored to give up.

An author should think carefully about what to do. If they abandon their popular series, they might end up losing a lot of money and prestige. But if they run out of ideas and the series starts to suck, it will end anyway, with the difference that they'll have an even harder time selling their next product, because at that point they have already lost their fanbase.

So they really should be alert and conscious about themselves. At the first sigh of burn out or decrease in sales, they should think of a proper ending and do it quickly.

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