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But the extremely specific "I fell in love with this person who loves someone else and now my heart is broken wah wah" bit seems to me like it could be surgically excised without affecting her important supporting role as Kirito's sister. Heck, you could even still have her falling in love with Kirito's avatar and have a similar heartbreak reveal in the end. It's just that her "I fell in love with my cousin while he was in a coma" doesn't really add anything to her family dynamic role, and arguably detracts from it.
I think it's the other way around, if anything; her "sister" role is the less critical one here. I think you could rather easily have her be a childhood friend that lives next door. The key point is that she may have had latent feelings before, they were amplified while he was gone, then he comes back; to her time was on hold, but to him he lived an entirely different life. She's been literally next to him the entire time, but couldn't be further away. The fact that they're cousins living under the same roof is more irony than anything else.

I agree with what was said before that they're not exactly being subtle about all the irony, so I can see why some don't like it... but I think Suzuha's doomed romance is a lot more critical to the story (at least right now) than her status as his sister.

Originally Posted by Keroko View Post
While I do agree that Suguha's role is vital in seeing Kirito from a different perspective, I also believe that the removal of the romance would have been beneficial here. As it stands, the romance distracts from that very role of Suguha and it's removal would allow for more focus on how Kirito changed from Suguha's perspective.
I guess I sort of addressed this above, but I feel that her romantic perspective is also relevant to her point-of-view. She is not only coming to terms with her own feelings, but to terms with Kazuto's feelings for Asuna that developed while time was on hold. I think that angle is a key part of what they're showing in the story. Having her just be a normal sister/friend helping him out doesn't strike all the same chords -- at least from my point of view.

(I suppose I should also say that I've been known to have unpopular tastes and to like stories that feature doomed romance. So I can understand that things that seem central and important to me may seem less important to others. It's all in how you look at it. Just trying to explain the way I see it.)
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