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I actually think Kanon's strength isn't so much the stories themselves, but the way it tells them. This was something that I thought came out well even in the Toei version. It's been amplified by an immeasurable amount in the KyoAni version.
Bingo, Key's work had always been about atmosphere.
Are the characters of Kanon cliche? Sure they are, I don't think even the most diehard of Kanon fans would deny this as the Kanon girls really are the most basic bishoujo archtypes you can get. But the thing is it's not what they are but how Key used them to tell the story. A lot of people seems to have confused originality being equated to a good show, or that plot development with twist and turn at every corner is essential to a good story, this is not just Kanon but entertainment in general, but this can't be more wrong. Good execution can turn something simple to something beautiful. If you look back in entertainment history, a lot of the classics are arguably very simple in plot or its central theme, there are countless shows where it is no more than a simple love conquers all or justice preveals type of story, and Kanon (and AIR as well I might add) falls into this category of story-telling. This is also the reason why it is so important to carefully pace Kanon with scenes of character interactions which seemingly doesn't progress the plot and feel "useless", because those scenes are there to setup the overall atmosphere of the show.
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