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oh,so she's going to die,, I knew kannon was a drama but this.......There was a few hints but I didn't expect them to drop the bomb like this.I almost cried.I don't want Makoto to die,this is worse then anything I have seen since I know there will be no escape for her.This is a pure tragedy,aaaarrgggghhhhh,just at the moment I was starting to really like the character.

Shoud I really continue?I mean, Ayu also have memory problems.I doesn't take a genius to guess that her fate won't be pretty either.The only character that seems safe is Naiyuki but her mother is so weird that I am not even sure(and let's not forget that she remembers Yuichi,a fact wich seems equivalent to a death sentence in Kanon).

Laugh at my ignorance but keep your awful secrets with you.

And let me cry alone....................
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