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There seems to be a whole bunch of items that are totally unaccessible. I'm quite sure I've finished all the quests and explored all 4 islands in my 5 hours of non stop play. I made 26100 from quests, 1000 from daily D npc and 1.5k from Rin in Jyanken.

I dressed up my Clannad default charadoll, the one with short dark blue hair, yellow hairband and purple eyes look. I'm quite determined to let her stay like this lol, she somehow fits my favourite look almost perfectly. I love short hair girls, purple dere eyes and her yellow hairband represents Haruhism lol

Are there places and shops to unlock? Because even if I can't use nico points, I'm quite sure I haven't seen the shops selling what those people are wearing. E.g. Meido dress, black angel wings, lolita skirt, bunny ears etc.
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