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me and my charadoll:

- honestly, i'm surprised to get a Nerine. I wasn't really fond of her but somehow i find her all cute all of a sudden
- darn cheap rental shops! they only allow up to 3 minutes of rental and they goes poof!

- watching Shuffle! game opening. We were actually playing gachapon when the movie aired so i had to hurry up and ran up the place, coincidentally i took a picture of Rin-chan
- gachapon hates me..

btw, anyone experiencing a glitch at the "upload" npc? her window won't exit even after i clicked exit multiple times. weird thing is the NPC says "Thank You" and closes but the previous window stays. I have to restart my PC after that since the graphics will be all-mumbo jumbo if i just exit and re-log in. It's a pain because i can't restart my pc due to some important work i am doing at the moment. That's the 2nd time that happened to me today ;_;
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