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Originally Posted by Utau View Post
me and my charadoll:

- honestly, i'm surprised to get a Nerine. I wasn't really fond of her but somehow i find her all cute all of a sudden
- darn cheap rental shops! they only allow up to 3 minutes of rental and they goes poof!

- watching Shuffle! game opening. We were actually playing gachapon when the movie aired so i had to hurry up and ran up the place, coincidentally i took a picture of Rin-chan
- gachapon hates me..

btw, anyone experiencing a glitch at the "upload" npc? her window won't exit even after i clicked exit multiple times. weird thing is the NPC says "Thank You" and closes but the previous window stays. I have to restart my PC after that since the graphics will be all-mumbo jumbo if i just exit and re-log in. It's a pain because i can't restart my pc due to some important work i am doing at the moment. That's the 2nd time that happened to me today ;_;
Well, at least you managed to take the pic quick enough before the uniform went poof

As for the problem you were having, I think it's not the problem with the game, but with the graphic card. I had similar problem 1 or 2 times in the pass when I was playing another game, and yet the problem won't go away just by restarting the game...had to restart the PC.

I wish I know how to create and upload the drama to make some D...

By the way, anyone know what decide the appearance and type for the charadoll? Also, from the screenshots you guys taken, the 3D graphic seem kind of rough...have you increased the graphic quality in the option yet?

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