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Originally Posted by serenade_beta View Post
Ehhh~? Biri biri's in the title...
Let's add air heroine to Index's, lolicon to Stiyls, and Mr.Hero of Justice to Touma's then...
Be happy that Misaka Mikoto is still in the title. At least "Biri Biri" is used in-show.

Originally Posted by KaneDragon View Post
Originally Posted by zetsubou-san View Post
What no love for "Biri Biri" Mikoto? How about another character thread? Pretty please?
Haha, and make the title "To Aru Majutsu no Index - Character Discussion - Biri Biri"

Originally Posted by zetsubou-san View Post
I used it in jest in the thread request, never intending it to be used.
But I intended it.

Originally Posted by Pellissier View Post
It was part of the request, and since I don't know the character, except the 5 minutes she has appeared so far, I thought why not. It's not that we're bonded to a solemn and inescapable formality anyway.

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