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Don't mind all caps title as that is the name of the series .

Blame is a unique manga series, the art style is unlike I've ever seen before and the storyline is dark and interesting.

Most of the manga deals with technology following the characters Cibo and Killy who are looking for traces of the orginal human beings, the ones that are not cloned from someone, or something else. So they work their way up through the underground dealing with various threats and overcoming them.

I recommend this series to anyone that wouldn't mind something with a unique style of art and a dark, twisted storyline.

Here's a wallpaper I recently made from a cover. I had to take out alot of the cluster filling the image. This should do better as a wallpaper.


The character featured there is Cibo.


That's funny. I did a Search on "BLAME!" and "BLAME" and did not find this thread.

Hah, I just did the search again and there it is. The search feature is screwing with me.

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