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Well, most players in MMO are bound to be martial artists someway. UW is like having 95% of NPC taking the role other than fighting with 1% being able to fight (become guards or soldiers or hunters). Those 95% is considered inferior than normal MMO players because they're NPCs who can never have fighting skills, but the rest are different. However, talents involving something like magic is a bit...
That is true, only a minority are learning how to fight, but how often do they get a chance to gain battle experience? You can't expect that practicing your sword swing everyday will turn you into an sword master/integrity knight in a decade.
Having practical experience does more than simply swinging your sword everyday.

Who do you think the rest are? Kirito assumed he is the only player in UW, the rest are NPCs. Eugeo was a woodcutter, but defeating the goblin caused him to gain sword experience, which was reflected in his stacia window. He turned from a simple woodcutter to someone who can potentially rival Kirito if he gains enough sword experience. So all NPCs posses the ability to have fighting skills, but since all villagers have a sacred task they must devote their entire life to, they only train skills necessary for their task.
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Let's say that the magic chant is in English language (sacred arts = lifeless sound English), people who are MMO players that aren't too retarded should be able to remember the chant that sound exactly like language every school is required to learn. While NPCs in that world would think of it as an alien language they can't decipher. Or maybe chanting magic require something we won't be able to comprehend like umm... dedication towards to gods...
Once again, as of now Kirito is the player in UW, the rest are NPCs. To the natives sacred arts are foreign, as much as a language you never heard is foreign to you.
Kirito was assigned to be a woodcutter, so learning sacred arts was impossible for him, not to mention the young Kirito in UW has no knowledge of the real world.

Originally Posted by Kleeyook View Post
And unlike SAO, UW has magic while SAO relies solely on sword skills. Considering that Kirito is now able to use the Blue Rose Sword he could hardly lift before easily, the likeness of UW compared to reality is questionable.

Also, it's virtual world, the real Kirito is lying somewhere in real world without physical activity. There's no point to really train your body in UW when you would gain almost nothing but maybe reflex in return from virtual training.

And thus, making Kirito having to gain EXP again seems... No matter how realistic looking the world or how smart the AI is, it's just making trouble for Kirito. I hardly believe that a normal human can fight a dragon, or withstand sword cut just because high STR stats.
That it doesn't exactly follow the physics of the real world is obvious, but this is more realistic than SAO. In SAO when a player attacks a monster, the monster will stop attacking for a moment (to calculate damage or whatever), while the goblin boss Kirito slashed continued attacking; Kirito also fells pain when he is attacked.
Not to mention both bleed when cut (Kirito&goblin), which can lead to death.

If they made the physics exactly the same as the real world, isn't it obvious that humans will be wiped out when faced against dragons etc? The goal is not to introduce real physics and then see how humans go extinct, but something else. This arc is called Alicization and there is a character called Alice, having the test subject die is likely not the goal.
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