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... *twitch* as if my brain couldn't come up with similar enough scenarios already, GrrDraxin. But you fail to see the strategic brilliance of such an outfit in a battle. This dress is obviously imbued with several charms of it's own, which only amplify the wearer's inherent ones. Obviously, while wearing that dress, the wearer is not expected to even be drawn into the fight - but to seduce and command from afar.

Hero (Tsukune): Maou! Your tranny ends now! With your death, the prosperity and safety of humans will be assured! Prepare yourself!

Maou (Moka): Hmph, I have been expecting you, human, no, Legendary Hero. *back facing towards him* You truly wish to destroy me?

Hero: I bear you no ill will, but we are destined for this battle!

Maou: So it seems... It's too bad. I too have grown rather fond of hearing of your adventures and exploits within my domains. Especially with the Queen and Daughter of the Succubi.

Hero: *turns red* H-how do you...?

Maou: *giggles* You're such a virgin...

Hero: *looks upset* Th-that's none of your business!

Maou: *laughs* Oh that's okay. So am I, as a matter of fact. *turns around* So, how about it? Won't you won't become mine?

Hero: I re-re *actually sees what she's wearing* ... re-refuse to believe you walk around wearing that all day!!
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