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Interesting, but when they say pangaea was the 'original continent,' they're way off. Pangaea formed about 300 million years ago. There were plenty of continents before it (and other supercontinents, too, from what I remember in college there may have been 3-4 supercontinents like pangaea that came before it).
Pangaeas are cycles. When Earth's continents are in pangaea mode, the weather becomes hell, and like when one heats a wide surface metal plate, eventually the whole plate super heats and that's what will happen to the pangaea at the end(or is it the start?) of the cycle thanks to the Earth's hotspots. Super volcanoes erupts everywhere and the whole continent literally tore apart and begins to drift, until eventually they get together again. So when it says "the origin", it can easily mean the original continent before it splits in the current/previous cycle. Semantics, I guess.
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