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Srin Tuar
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Ah... Valentine's Day, the one holiday in the year where the world kicks you while you're down and laughs at you for being single. Then, even if you avoid that, how can one argue with a holiday that preaches the commercialized version of romance, 'the more you buy them the more they'll love you.
Meh, Ive never felt kicked down by it when single.(lol, like now)
But I did learn the hard way that girls take this holiday very seriously. Forget it at your own peril, it would seem.
To me, single or not, Valentines day is just pita.

Seriously, Valentine's Day in Japan is nothing more than a marketing tool.
Kj, reading your posts just makes me feel the world is the same all over

If I mingle with an international crowd, I want to meet and fall in love with a girl outside of my sphere.

hehe, but what you consider boring and staid would probably be pretty exotic to me.
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