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Originally Posted by crazyidiot78 View Post
I don't dissagree, but what would you consider to be eye catching accessible wordpress pages? Would mine count? And what if any recomendations do you have?
Your blog feels very much like something people creates during the early 2000s, when Newgrounds was still popular. Which is not a bad thing, just feel disconnected with the thoughtful content of your blog. I recommend you get rid of the banner and change the skin of your blog into something that relies more on tags and keywords.

Originally Posted by Infinite Zenith View Post
We have a UX/graphics design person in house? Excellent, what visual aspects about my blog would you recommend I modify?
I am no graphic designer. I only dabbled a bit in copywriting, so my opinion may not been that useful. But here goes:

- My first impression that your blog is very "academic" feel because of the length and density of the post (they seem to have taken a lot of work, by the way.) Maybe you should change the skin, or at least the color scheme, of the blog into something warm. Maybe the color of leather?

- Maybe you shouldn't start your posts with too much words. I don't say that you should "dress it up" or something, but even something that gives the readers a clear, or at least comforting, idea about the post (such as using bullet points) would be a good starter

- Is there anyway to move the "Tags" banner ("About Infinite Zenith", "Admin", etc.) from above to bellow the image banner? Readers can easily miss out these navigation tags at their current position and color scheme.

Anyway, to crazyidiot78 and Infinite Zenith, your blogs are damn good. Maybe you should considering working for a websites. I do not know much about ANN or Crunchyroll, but maybe you guys should try your luck and ask someone in the know like Frog-kun and The Cart Driver about how they broke into professional writing.
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