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Originally Posted by tigerwoods View Post
I got hooked by Toradora when I first saw the novel cover.
Ha! Me too! It was around one year ago. I wasn't able to read the hiragana at the time. But I put it into a search engine to find it.

Originally Posted by tigerwoods View Post
I understand your doubts about J.C. Staff animating this, but, hey, they also made wonderful series (Hachimitsu to Clover II anyone? Which Nagai directed too).
Yeah J.C. has made some good stuff. There's definitely a chance that this will be good.
I actually need to finish Kimikiss....which I haven't found to be too bad.

What's difficult is going to be how they would translate the descriptive text into moving pictures.
I can see that being concern. I haven't too much of the novel. But I have read the manga (and I love it), and I can still see what you mean. Maybe ff they make the anime partially surreal they can definitely pull it off though.

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