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Hm. Having watched the preview at first, I knew that opening scene was there - but it still comes as a huge shock that Yuuji had become that person (and considering his transformation takes place at the end of Ep 1, hardly surprising to see his new 'form' in the OP).

I remember back when I marathoned the original SnS - I thought the idea of people forgetting a Torch that vanished as if they never existed was extremely harsh (though admittedly, the idea has stuck with me over time - still seems cruel, mind). So thus, when it's Yuji's turn to be forgotten by all but those involved with Shana and the Flame Haze's, it felt awful to me - though that can only mean that JC Staff did a brilliant job portraying it).

Glad Yuji is still alive, mind - course I would be, he's been the main focus of the series (and Shana, naturally) for 52 episodes (inc. OVAs). Killing him off in Ep '53' of SnS would be warranting protests in the streets . However, not sure where his allegiance switch to Bal Masque will lead - though that can only be a good thing.

Love the OP and ED.
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