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Yeah, it happens. I have that kind of feeling when I see Orihime shout "Kurosaki-kun, Kurosaki-kun........." when he's being beaten to a pulp because she did something stupid. Or when that whiny bitch Kagome shouts " Inuyasha, Inuyasha,......." when she gets captured because she did something not possible by sane creatures. So, basically any bitchy, whiny, useless character who can only talk trash and do nothing makes me wanna stop watching that anime(or rather smash the screen of my laptop or TV). The other thing that makes me cringe are loli characters - I just can't stand that. The only anime that I have watched that had a loli character in it are Hidan no Aria, Hayate the Combat Butler. One more thing, although I watched School Days in its entirety, now I wonder why I wasted my time on it.
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