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Originally Posted by Aphrah View Post
Ugh. Can you hear the sound of that? No? That's the sound of my hopes and expectations being shattered. I had a feeling that this would be the case for AW, but SAO too?

Spoiler for Kuroyukihime vol 01:
Spoiler for Haruyuki's character throughout:

Originally Posted by reccaryu View Post
Just wondering, I saw a post of who they met in the old Nega Nebulas versus the new reformed one, but as of the last volume, who is official part of the current Nega Nebulas.

Also, what is their level and do they have different ranks? Black Lotus mentioned that once you were 6/7 or 7/8 you have your own legion.

Does Sky Raker have a legion, and if so, is that legion part of Nega Neublas or just Sky Raker?

Do they talk about how the other Kings organize their legions?
Spoiler for Nega Nebula and other legions:
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