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Originally Posted by Revolutionist View Post
The Japanese seem to forget that the righteous is the one who kills the most enemies and wins the war.

It's like, no matter what anime you watch, it's always about understanding and caring for your enemy.

I was hoping that they would develop Flit's genocidal tendencies and have him do something crazy to show that in war there is no good and bad, morally right and morally wrong, just bad and worse, black, and black-er. But no, it seems they're going for the bleeding heart, kind, naive 13 year old who couldn't hurt a fly (unless he's inside a giant death machine) changing the world and bringing peace through understanding.

I retract what I said in my previous post, while genocide would be morally wrong, it'd still be a heck of a lot more entertaining than the understanding your enemy route.
I can't speak for other anime, but it wouldn't be fitting as far as AGE is concerned to go down that route since its target audience are kids.

And Flit isn't that genocidal yet, I think he's ranted about wanting to wipe the Vagans out once or twice(and I would be surprised if je was the only guy in the army who rants about doing such in a long violent high pressure war where the other team kills a lot of your own civilians directly) but aside from that has barely shown any concrete plans to actually do that aside from just counterattacking the violent Vagan military and continuing the war.

He's hardly impulsive in actual battles, he was even pretty laid back even against Desil twice, someone who has actually done something to him personally.

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