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Originally Posted by papermario13689 View Post
Thanks, I was a tad afraid to read through more than a page.

I'm probably gonna wait for the other edition, just since iTunes usually sells songs in 192 VBR or AAC, and that'll drive my OCD mad.
iTunes sells 256kbps VBR AACs... at least even the ones in the Japanese store are now DRM-free (unlike before, which was 128kbps DRM'd AAC, ugh. I still find AAC to be more efficient than MP3). Can't say I'm pleased at this business model though (I wouldn't mind so much if they were soundtracks)...
I wonder if it's just Team Nekokan though, or was it a decision by King Records (who is publishing the CDs for this anime series)? The Azazel-san OP song for the third OVA is also apparently exclusive to a digital format (also done by Team Nekokan and published by King Records).
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