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Originally Posted by blaze0041 View Post
iTunes sells 256kbps VBR AACs... at least even the ones in the Japanese store are now DRM-free (unlike before, which was 128kbps DRM'd AAC, ugh. I still find AAC to be more efficient than MP3). Can't say I'm pleased at this business model though (I wouldn't mind so much if they were soundtracks)...
I wonder if it's just Team Nekokan though, or was it a decision by King Records (who is publishing the CDs for this anime series)? The Azazel-san OP song for the third OVA is also apparently exclusive to a digital format (also done by Team Nekokan and published by King Records).
Really? I purchased an old track from the 70s about a year ago, and it was 192 AAC- drove me crazy. xD

It's gonna be sad to miss out on the song for a while though. It's definitely really nice.
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