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Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
We're talking about a guy who confessed multiple times to the same girl. He's clearly completely taken up with her, and there's little doubt that a guy like that would consider it wrong for him to be with another girl while his heart is totally dedicated to Yui.

Besides, Aoki's total dedication to Yui is the only distinctive character element he has. So I'd rather him not lose that, lol.

At least not yet. Maybe Kokoro Connect will flesh him out more later, and maybe he'll even have to get over Yui eventually, but right now The Guy With One Defining Trait really can't afford to lose that one defining trait, lol.
I suppose your right, but I would like to see a few harem tropes undone. Keeps things interesting.

Also, What about Yui in Inaban's body. Would Aoki tap that?!

Or how about Aoki in Yui's body x Yui in Aoki's body?

Hey, we've covered Inaban in Taichi's body x Taichi in Inaba's body!

Originally Posted by Blonto View Post
Nono, Heartseed wanted to try out one of those "human reproductive things" but he didn't know what rape was. When he realized the girl would be completely traumatized he gave up.
Heartseed probably wasn't responsible for Yui's trauma, but you bring up a point that he is not completely without a concept of morality like Kyubey, for instance, he said he would not do something like what he did on episode 6 again.

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