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Actually, when I think about it, the anime title has 3 elements:

1) Love
2) Election
3) Chocolate

Originally, I thought that these 3 subjects blended together, which would result in Chisato. However, after seeing these past episodes, I now realize that they are 3 distinct subjects that are not necessarily blended together. Yuuki has the "election" to win to save the club. That has a lot of focus. He also has to deal with "love", which does not necessarily relate to the elections. Finally, he will have to deal with "chocolate".

If we look at it this way, chocolate definitely and solely belongs to Chisato. If Chisato belongs to chocolate, the elections belong to Isara and Mifuyu (who helps him out/influence him the most), then that leaves love left. Therefore, love will probably not be in store for Chisato, and the likely candidates are Satsuki and Michiru. Satsuki for obvious reasons; however, the reason why I included Michiru is because she, so far, does not fit with either "election" or "chocolate".

Btw, I did not include Satsuki in "elections" because her influence on Yuuki has been mostly as a lover, not political assistance.
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