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That scene where Oojima declares the financial aid students as part of his manifesto was obviously about his policies. And they also know that Satsuki's policies are about the aid students so naturally you'd think the conversation would follow in that direction. But it doesn't. They don't even consider it, even though it's the first thing I'd consider immediately. It's hard to feel for characters when they occasional act completely outside of any sort of logic, even if it's a supposedly minor thing like that. And it's not as if the way Oojima's new found manifesto being affected by Satsuki's manifesto isn't linked to the mechanics of the politics either so they don't really have any reason not to go there anyway.
Well, they didn't exactly have a lot of time to talk about that at that point. For better or worse, this episode was trying to forge ahead on many, many different plot threads at once (perhaps too many). As soon as that statement was made, they cut to something else without necessarily resolving the scene, so we don't even know what else was discussed at that time. Further, the fact they didn't necessarily discuss it right away isn't necessarily "acting completing outside of any sort of logic" either; they could easily have decided to think about it and discuss it more later, but again we just don't see how the conversation went. They may also assume that Mifuyu and Yuuki will consider that when drafting the policy statement.

So basically, you can't come to the conclusion that something is illogical just because it isn't shown (and because it's the first thing you'd consider if it were you). There are a lot of conversations that aren't shown (the outcome is assumed) or are severely abbreviated due to time-constraints. That may be unfortunate, but if your "being able to feel for characters" depends on seeing every logical conversation, I think that's asking for the impossible in such a short show. You have to be able to connect a few dots on your own.
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