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Originally Posted by Erhjegel View Post
Nightmare's only overpowered because of her "time clones", each of which also has access to Nightmare's abilities. Render that ability useless, just like Efreet did, and she's pretty much dog food. Also, Nightmare "cheated" and had some duplicates of her fight Princess and Origami before the actual showdown, so they weren't in their full condition.

Plus, Princess didn't have full access to her 精力, so I wasn't too surprised that she and Origami both lost against Nightmare. So I don't think any of the seireis are actually overpowered; they just have varying aspects of strengths and weaknesses.

I don't think they'll level a city completely, considering that Shidou's there to regulate their power usage.
Well Kurumi's seventh bullet allow her to stop a target's time, and her eighth bullet can create as many clone as she want, without a way to deal with those clones she will be pretty dominating. Not to mention she can go back to the past >_> (only read up to vol 3, so I havn't seen Efreet sealing her clones yet)
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