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Agreed 100%.

Too many wanna-be literature connoisseurs. Oh a flash back is a clear sign of amateur writing. Oh it's clearly a plot hole because of this, plot hole because of that. Flawed character this.

The discussions on this forum have become less about the development and characters and more about how Kishimoto writes the dialogue and whether or not the plot twists are good enough to live up to Inception or Memento.

I have an announcement to make guys... This is a Shonen series. Let's go analyze how complex and deeply written Phineas and Ferb is.

Originally Posted by Ero-Senn1n View Post
This fight between Naruto and Madara will probably have a very large audience, the whole allied army is converging on their position, and thanks to Tsunade the other 4 kages will also go there. So for Naruto this can become a place where he becomes legendary, with the whole ninja world as witnesses, best hokage exam there can be.

What i find a cheap trick is to kill off Tsunade in this way just to make room for Naruto. She doesn't even need to die for Naruto to become hokage, the 3rd hokage didn't die either, he just found someone who's better for the position.
agreed...especially about tsunade not having to die. it just looks like while she could theoretically heal herself first, she didn't want to risk any of the kages dying in the meantime, so she is gonna heal them first. then again, naruto went ape shit on pain when he thought kakashi was dead, so only 4 kages showing up to the battlefield will turn him up yeah i guess tsunade could die here

Originally Posted by Nintendo View Post
personally I assume that obito is beyond saving. Madara is pretty much the dark lord of the sith and he corrupted obito so much that his only way of redemption is to just forgive kakashi for letting rin die.

sasuke is the character that kimish wants us to remember and watch become redeemed as he joins forces to stop madara.
personally since tobi met kabuto i felt like there have been about four instances in which i thought, obito is gonna turn on madara. i agree about sasuke tho...
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