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Originally Posted by Sol Falling View Post
If something is (comparatively) well liked over in Japan, there's probably a significant reason for it, and you'd be well served trying to actually figure that reason out before you resort to "oh, the Japanese readers aren't exactly like me; they must be idiots" and start shitflinging.
Trust me, brah. I already know the reason!


I mean, why do you think Medaka Box's percentage of male readers far outweighs that of the female's. Haha!

I think the fap-stain speaks for it'self, really. Japan isn't know for it's acquired taste, which is part of the reason One-Piece is the highest selling manga there.

Though, you can consider this my unserious "theory". I have no idea for why the Jet-Black Wedding was liked other than the chance to see some fanservice.

But being more serious now:

Medaka Box went from being a developed, charming narrative with dynamic, evolving conflicts and one with little-to-no coherence, extreme convolutedness, shallow character development, extremely boring conflicts and absolutely no satisfying closure.

I thought this manga was awesome, until the quickly bogging down of the Jet-Black Wedding arc. Totally not what Nishio promised us after chapter 140.

Trying to pass off the current manga as something "so deep that you just can't get It", to me, is just ridiculous. I don't feel that way at all. The charming character development and interesting plots/conflicts this manga had has seemingly evaporated, unfortunately.

Maybe you're just reading too much into the manga, and substituting your own interpretation of the story instead of what's actually there, which is actually vapid and shallow? I've done it with several fiction, really. It's just a desire to see said work acheive it's full potential in our view.

But hey, that's just my opinion on this manga's current state of affairs.


What really concerns me is that you're clearly flustered and perturbed that two people are agreeing on said opinion. Even more so is that you accuse us of thinking our opinion is objective, when that clearly is ridiculous when dealing with fiction and I never said it was, yet you assumed I felt that way.

I don't know about you, but in the forums I visited, most agreed that the Jet-Black Bride Arc was utter shit. Well, true that there were no japanese readers there, but this isn't some obscure opinion that is completely unjustified simply because japanese readers continued to buy the manga. Or are you saying Japanese readers have reached some state of intellectual enlightenment or something? That seems far-fetched when they might or might not be reading the manga for the same reason you are.

Calm down. That rant was unescessary - I just don't view this manga like you do, that's no reason to insult someone's intelligence and call them "ignorant". Have some decorum, please. I don't see anyone insulting your intelligence due to your opinion.

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