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Originally Posted by [HearT] View Post
@Sol;, thank you for saying that none of us can understand this manga and that none of us are smart of enough to even realize that we can't understand this manga :P

"Yeah, I can imagine you would think the Shiritori game was shit when you can't even be assed to pick up on and follow along the rules of a basic game of Shiritori."

I understood the Shiritori game perfectly well, and I still thought the arc was overall crap. Simply knowing japanese doesn't necessarily make this arc better, sure, the word users and the shiritori game had some clever moments, but that's like having a candy bar in a pile of pig slop, sure, candy bars are great, but you don't care about the candy bar when it's buried in pig crap. Just my opinion, of course, I just reaaaally didn't like this arc.

and yet with all of my complaints, I still buy the manga. weird, aren't I.

I realize this, I know how the toc typically works, but that doesn't mean that they can't place a chapter just because it doesn't have a color page. I'm sure they're perfectly capable of shifting around the order with or without a color page, it just seems suspicious that both Gintama and Medaka were in the bottom and then suddenly they're on the cover and they're ranked much higher

Edit: and of course you somehow managed to write a huge wall of text in the time it took me to write a short paragraph..., oO

I guess I should clarify, as a Kumagawa x Medaka fan, I also thought that the arc mostly sucked also. I was never talking about the arc as a whole. I was talking about the specific chapter which looks like it had a decent rank, which was the climax chapter. The point isn't about tastes, it's about understanding a good reason for the rank without jumping to "Japanese readers have shit taste/are stupid".

As for the cover issue, I guess I would just say that ultimately we don't really know. I don't know whether there's any precedence for actually reordering a chapter based on a cover, without any colour pages. If there actually is a precedent for that, then I guess that's another possibility.
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