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Just finished NT5. I can finally read this thread again, I was way too worried about spoilers to even come here for a bit.

-Thor is awesome
-Kakine coming back is awesome
-Touma getting smart and actually deceiving Birdway and GREMLIN was awesome
-Opening the windowless building was awesome (although I don't like the name, Calculate Fortress)
-Fraulien Kreutune is awesome
-Frenda comingack is iffy, but if there's a good reason for it revealed next volume then it's awesome
-Teasing about Kumokawa Maria being in love with Touma was awesome
-I was right about it being a two-parter (Although probably everybody thought this) which is awesome
-All in all best volume of New Testament. Awesome.

Now I just can't wait until NT6 comes out.
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