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Meet some of the people in the Usagiyama shopping district!

Florist Kaoru Hanase (voiced by Daisuke Ono)
The pretty owner of Florist Princess

Record Store DJ Kunio Yaobi (voiced by Kouji Tsujitani)
When he converses, he tends to murmur in a monologue. He secretly takes pleasure in matching the feelings of the people who come to drink coffee at Star and Clown with his DJing.

Bathhouse owner Chouji Yumoto (voiced by Kyousei Tsukui)
This cheerful old man is also the head of the neighborhood association. They use Usa Hot Bath as their meeting place.

Butcher Fumiko Mitsumura (voiced by Kumiko Watanabe)
This bright woman works at Just Meat.

Toyman Nobuhiko Tokiwa (voiced by Hiroshi Yanaka)
This grandfather working at Tokiwa Shrine loves children and playing with a kendama. He is Midori's grandfather. (note:Midori's grandmother also works at the shop)

Fishy couple Takashi and Mari Uotani (voiced by Ken Narita and Youko Hikasa)
This reserved husband and wonderful wife run the Sashimi fish shop.

Tofu shop worker Tomio Shimizu (voiced by Yoshihisa Kawahara)
A fair-skinned chubby fellow who works at Shimizuya. Single. Secretly has a crush on Sayuri, who works at Usa Hot Bath.

Noodler Tadano Shiraki (voiced by Naoya Nosaka)
(Miyoko Udon) Tadanao Shiraki: Naoya Nosaka (Udon Restaurant)
A reserved worker at the Miyoko Udon restaurant.

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