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Originally Posted by Illusore View Post
Hello! For anyone up to making a real person sig...
I'd like this image
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with some effects, I don't really know what...smudge? c4d? whatever looks best.
Size: enough space for the text I want on either side, plus some space between that and the border, I guess.
Colors: blue/black/grey/white
Thin-ish black border either all the way around or just top and bottom, whichever looks best.
with the text, on the left:
Javert (in script font) (larger)
I am the law (smaller, below above text, centered)

On the right, more faded out, maybe italicized:
Those who follow the path of the righteous
shall have their reward
(both lines same size, centered)

Any questions VM/PM me.
The text on the right was too long so I made it three lines.
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