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Originally Posted by Dark Faith View Post
I think the main issue here is that she dropped by unannounced and forced herself on Dragon's personal space. As a shut-in (who dislikes females, no less!) that must've freaked him out.
Besides, it's a bit hard to see Rita as a "friend and comrade" when she flies over from abroad to visit on Valentine's Day despite being on a really tight schedule.

She's not a stranger, but poor Dragon still has his issues, and Rita's forcefulness can be hard to deal with.
Perhaps; but life is full of turmoil and hardship and uncertainity so I think it's about time Dragon learns to get over it and do things out of his comfort zone... the hard way if that's what it takes.

Originally Posted by FredFriendly View Post
Really, now, if it was just a friend and comrade who wanted to reminisce about the good old times, he wouldn't have opened the door for a chit-chat, anyway. We know that. But that was not who was banging at the door. It was a love-crazed female (his most feared nightmare) who wasn't a complete stranger who already had a track record of forcing herself on him. AND SHE DIDN'T ASK. She arrived for battle, unannounced, ready to waylay him, not matter what.
She's all those things, but also still the person who helped him out.

That would never change.

Who wants to be with someone who has an ugly personality, even if they are physically beautiful? What she sees in the Dragon is a mystery to me, other than the fact that he represents a virtually insurmountable challenge to her. How dare he not want to be with her?!!
I'll accept a degree of evil in beautiful people as long as it doesn't involve money or serious criminal offence.
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