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Looking for a REAL romance anime

Hi everyone! Like a lot of people , one of my favourite pass-time is watching animes , prepare some pop-corn before reading this because it's gonna be long xD

I watched many kinds of animes and now i became more interested in romance animes , i had enough of fantazy , sci-fi and things like that , i want to change a little , i'm almost 20 now , you know , when you grow up , you want something more realistic maybe or something like that , well , whatever , i started watching a lot of romance animes now and i became really demanding after watching a lot of them.

Usually i search on the net and i find something interesting so i give it a try if it's good enough i keep watching it , otherwise , i stop watching it.

On top of that , on the net i don't find something with the criterions i want , sometimes a guy on a forum ask for a slice of life romance anime and he gets something with action...WTF!!!

Since i don't find something good on the net , i decided to try my luck on a forum , it's the first time i register on a forum just to look for an anime so i hope it won't be useless , and that's why i'm talking a lot here x) , usually i spend few hours on the net to find something worth watching so i try here , maybe it'll take less time

After all this speech , sorry if it was too long , even if i wanted to say much more but i didn't because it's not the main purpose here , i'll tell you what kind of anime i'm looking for :

As i said before i became really demanding concerning romance anime so let's go!

-I'm looking for a slice of life anime , slice of life , slice of life , i repeat it three times because i'm sure that some people will give me something else
-It must be in a good quality , HD if possible , i don't something from 2000 , very old and all
-With good graphics , especially the characters , i'm sorry , i don't have the right vocabulary to explain it well but i think you can understand , like in sukitte iinayo , i didn't really liked the character graphics but i kept watching because the story was interesting
-With a two sided story , i don't mine if it's a harem even if i don't prefer that , but at least we have a main couple , i mean not like in sekirei for example , the guy is with all of them , well something like koi to senkyou to chocolate
-No fantasy , no sci-fi , no action , just something ordinary with drame, slice of life and romance , i don't need more ! well if there is a little i don't mind , like in clannad , with the second world , where there are only a girl and a robot , well i can make some exception , like in romeo x julliet , there are a war , but that wasn't a problem for me
-I prefer something with real characters , i mean they look like they have 16 for example and not too young , like the guy in clannad or High school of the dead or Kaze no stigma , because the only thing that i didn't like in clannad was nagisa's looking , i mean when she is with tomoya , she looks like she is his daughter or his little sister , not his girlfriend...but i can make exception , like for sakurasou no pet na kanojo , i really liked this anime even if...
-Characters with good looking , i mean at least a little handsome , you don't have to give an anime where the main guy looks badass , too handsome and all that , just not ugly is enough lol , because in some animes some couples don't fit well together
-Finally the most important thing ! the kiss!! seriously when i watch an anime with a good story , good development between the characters and all that , and in the end there is nothing ! why?!!! how it can be a romance anime if there are no kiss? like myself yourself , i was really disgusted in the end , they married and live together and they don't even kiss? WTF! Lol , now i sound like a pervert , for me the kiss represents 50% of the anime if not more , why? because it shows the bond between the two characters and how they really love each other , if there are no kiss , it's as if there is something missing xD

I think that's all the criterions i want , if i remember something else , i'll add it , when i say ''exception'' i don't mean i want that anime , i just say that you can give that ''exception'' if you can't find something interesting for me , i know i'm asking too much , sorry for that , but after watching many good animes you become more and more demanding , it's natural lol
Consider it like a challenge , because convincing me with a good anime will be really hard , well , if you want to help me of course ^^

I lost all my hopes concerning searching on the net , so i try my last chance on forums , hoping that i'll find what i expect , sorry , i wrote a diary , but i have no choice , finding a romance anime is easy , but finding an interesting one as i like became hard these days...

Don't give me an anime from my list of course , look under and you'll see my anime list , i prefer an anime with few episodes , 13 or 26 not more , because usually the story become boring...but maybe it's not really true , who knows...

I just want to apologize if there are some mistakes , especially of vocabulary , i don't speak english fluently ahah! , so if you don't understand something , tell me and i'll try to make it more explicit

I'm counting on you !!! Give me some hope!

Anime list :

-Dragon Ball Z
-High school of the dead
-Katekyo Hitman Reborn
-FMA Brotherhood
-5 Cm per second
-Guilty Crown
-Seikon No Qwaser
-Infinite stratos
-School Days
-Kaicho wa maid sama
-rumbling hearts
-hoshizora e kakaru hashi
-green green
-true tears
-zero no tsukaima
-seitokai yakuindomo
-B geta H kei
-shakugan no shana
-princess lover
-they are my noble master
-special a
-itazura na kiss
-omamori himari
-sora no otoshimono
-hatsukoi limited
-Mashiro-Iro Symphony
-akane-iro ni somaru saka
-mayo chiki
-Ef-a tale of memories
-Kimikiss pure rouge
-angel beats
-koi to senkyou to chocolate
-saint-seiya''the lost canvas''
-code breaker
-Kaze no stigma
-Zetsuen no tempest
-Maji de watashi ni koishinasai
-sukitte iinayo
-sakurasou no pet na kanojo
-Hagure yuusha no esutetika
-Yoake mae yori ruriiro na
-romeo x julliet
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